NhN is a network of volunteer peer support groups that follow a community-based approach to help under-employed and unemployed residents get back to work. NhN embraces a ‘pay it forward’ ethos, asking all associates to contribute to other members by sharing job search techniques, related professional career development resources, personal referrals and generally providing a forum where members feeling empowered, energized and focused on the job search.


  • Provide compassionate, nonjudgmental support to members through networking opportunity, coaching, leadership experience, and camaraderie.
  • Partner with community business leaders to match members with job openings and volunteer/paid consulting opportunities.
  • Expand network reach throughout local communities where there is need and interest in the NY/NJ metro area and beyond.

Core Behaviors

  • Be positive in approach and help others be positive when facing the inherent challenges of the job search.
  • Be compassionate and firm, as needed, to maintain productive meeting atmosphere and consistent results-orientation.
  • Be active in respective home towns by developing the group and its role in each community.
  • Take the extra step to help members by sharing personal network and job leads.

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