Oxford Grange

The Grange is a family organization with a ritual based on the Holy Bible. It also is a civic organization with an interest in rural-urban problems and a service organization which contributes to a variety of causes. It performs community service, conservation and beautification projects.

The first Oxford Grange was organized April 16, 1889. It disbanded in 1895, surrendering its charter.

It reorganized in 1928 with 50 members.

Ground was broken for the Grange Hall on Route 67 the same year. There, the Grange held dances, minstrel shows, card parties and suppers.

Officers are: Current officers are: Master- Robert Buck (203-888-7416), Overseer- Jane Haines, Lecturer- April Bush, Steward- John Haines, Assistant Steward- Effie Mae Ignatowski, Lady Assistant Steward- Judy Garcia, Chaplain- Loretta Rowland, Treasurer- Philip Rowland, Secretary- Maggie Buck, Gatekeeper- Jackie Bush, Ceres- Jane DeBarber, Pomona- Wanda Staskiewicz, Flora- Evelyn Hill.

On the executive board are Jane Haines, Maggie Buck, and Loretta Rowland.