Oxford Special Olympics

The Oxford Special Olympics provides year round sports training and athletic competition for people with special needs. By participating in a variety of Olympics-type sports, participants have the opportunity to develop physical fitness, courage and friendships.

The organization currently train athletes in skiing, basketball, cycling, swimming, softball, volleyball and bowling.

To be eligible, persons must be over the age of 8 and have been identified by an agency or professional as having mental retardation, have a cognitive delay as determined by standardized measures UQ-80 or under), or have significant learning or vocational problems due to cognitive delays which require specially-designated instruction.

On the Management Team are the following: Maureen Blees, local coordinator; Linda McKane, treasurer; Pam Aldrich, education coordinator and Larry Doherty, sports coordinator.

A newsletter containing a calendar of events may be obtained by writing to OSO Newsletter, c/o Larry Doherty, 115 Foxton Court, Beacon Falls, CT 06403.

For additional information, you can reach Mrs. Blees at MomBlees@aol.com or by calling (203) 888-4627, or you can reach Mr. Doherty at (203) 720-1677 or or via fax (203) 723-5009.

The Oxford Special Olympics web site is located here.