"The town of Oxford has contracted with eQuality Valuation Services LLC to assist the assessor and the town with the state–mandated requirement for the completion of the 2024 revaluation. All properties will be photographed and reviewed."





The Oxford Assessor's Office primary task is to discover, list, value and maintain records of real estate, motor vehicle and businesses in Oxford. Our main function is to prepare a Grand List representing the total assessed value of all taxable and tax exempt properties located within our Town on October 1st.

Assessments for real estate property are computed at 70% of the estimated market value at the time of the last revaluation. The value is valid until the next revaluation. Yearly adjustments are made for new construction, additions and alterations.

The Assessors objective is to assist taxpayers in understanding the assessment of their properties; to help professionals such as appraisers, surveyors and title searchers to obtain information on properties. Our office maintains land maps, property description cards and ownership lists. We are also responsible for the administration of property exemption programs such as:

  • Veteran's Programs
  • Elderly Tax Relief (Homeowners and Renters)
  • Blind & Disabled
  • Farm, Forest & Open Space
  • Manufacturing; Commercial Vehicles
  • Tax Incentive Program
  • State-owned Property Reimbursement
  • The Assessor's Office is responsible for State mandated reports in regard to the above programs.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Penny Mudgett, CCMA II Assessor 203-828-6609
Kevin Murowsky Sr. Clerk 203-828-6601