Tax Relief Programs

The following is a summary of property tax relief programs available in Oxford to those meeting eligibility requirements, income thresholds and a reference to the Connecticut General Statutes.


A. Elderly/Disabled Homeowners and Renters Programs
Filing Period for Homeowners: Feb. 1 - May 15.
Filing Period for Renters: April 1 - Oct. 1
Eligibility: Homeowners over age 65 (or surviving spouse over age 50) and the disabled (ie; total disability as defined by the Social Security program). Must be a state resident for at least one year.
Income: Married taxpayers with an income less then $43,000 Single taxpayers with an income less then $35,300.
Description: The percentage reduction and maximum/minimum credit are based on income CGS 12-170(aa) -12-170(cc).

B. Veterans Exemption Program
Eligibility: All honorable discharged veterans who served in wartime are eligible for the basic exemption.
Income: No income is set for the basic exemption. Basic exemption is doubled for married veterans with an income less than $43,000 and single veterans with income less than $35,300.
Description: The basic exemption is $2,000 from the town and $1,000 from the state. The basic exemption is doubled ($4,000) for lower income veterans meeting the income levels under item B.

C. Disability Exemption Program
Eligibility: All totally disabled (non service connected)
Income: No income requirement.
Description: All disabled homeowners get a $1,000 assessment exemption.

D. Blind Exemption Program
Eligibility: All legally blind homeowners are eligible.
Income: No income requirement.
Description: All blind homeowners get a $3,000 assessment exemption. CGS 12-81(17)

E. Additional local options exemption for Homeowners
Eligibility: All homeowners meeting the criteria for state mandated exemptions are eligible.
* This program needs BOS approval on yearly basis.

F. Ordinance exempting certain ambulance type motor vehicles
Description: After inspection and approval by the Assessor's Office, of any ambulance type motor vehicle which is used exclusively for the purpose of transporting any medically incapacitated individual, except any such vehicle used to transport any individual For payment. CGS 12-81 C

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Please Note: Income guidelines subject to change.