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Updated Scams 


NEW SCAM ALERT targeting Eversource customers: we’ve heard from customers that scammers are now contacting them through text messages. In one scam, the text warned a customer that an Eversource crew was on the way to shut off their electricity if they didn’t make an immediate payment. Scammers then sent a barcode in a text and told the customer to go to a “CoinStar” machine to make a deposit using that code. Another scam threatened that Eversource would file a lawsuit against a customer for late payments and that they would be disconnected by March 20 unless they made a deposit to them. Please know this is NOT us! One red flag is that the text messages are written in poor English and are hard to understand. If you receive a threatening text, please call us ASAP to report it at 800-286-2000. We’re there when you need us.


As part of National Consumer Protection Week, we want to remind our customers of some tips to avoid utility scams:

- Our representatives will never demand instant payment

- Beware, some sophisticated scammers can manipulate their caller ID to say the caller is with Eversource

- You can verify you’re speaking with an Eversource rep by asking for some basic account info like your account address

When in doubt, hang up and give us a call:

CT: 800-286-2000 

For more information on Eversource scam alerts click link below: