Public Notice Registry Form

PA06-80 exempts planning commissions and combined planning and zoning commissions from the requirement to publish a newspaper notice for any public hearing the commission holds on proposals they initiate including adopting or amending zoning and subdivision regulations, zoning map, and plan of development. Other public hearings are covered by Sec.8-7d(a). It also requires planning, zoning, and wetland commissions to establish a "Public Notice Registry" by October 1, 2006 for such proposals.

To comply, municipalities can notify landowners, electors, and nonprofit organizations by placing a notation on the town's website, in a town wide newspaper, or adding a notice in an annual tax bill. The notice of this registry should be clear on which matters notice will be given, and the time period before expiration (3 years). After being registered for three years, the party must ask the commission to reenter its name and address if it wants to remain in the registry for another three-year period. The act requires the commission to notify registered parties by regular or electronic mail at least seven days before it holds a public hearing on a proposal it initiates, if feasible.

Also, a municipality requiring "additional notice" for public hearings to abutting properties beyond what is required currently in the statutes [Sec. 8-7 d( a)] must revise its regulations by October 1, 2006, to be consistent with the new statute. The new act limits extra notice to mailing to adjacent owners or posting a sign on the land subject to the hearing, or both. Notice to occupants of adjacent land is not permissible. Proof of mailing is by certificate of mailing and identifying adjacent owners by property tax maps of last completed grand lists.

All information will be verified before placement onto the registry.

Please be aware that the Public Registry is only for people who want to be informed of Planning & Zoning Public Hearings, it does not include minutes, regular meeting agendas or special meeting agendas.