Water Pollution Control Authority

The Oxford Water Pollution Control Authority is a five member appointed board responsible for administering the Water Pollution Control Statutes of the State of Connecticut and the Water Pollution Control Regulations of the Town of Oxford.  The Authority meets on the last Wednesday of the month to review and act on applications submitted to the staff of the W.P.C.A.

The W.P.C.A. oversees all the sewers and pump stations. There is about 28 miles of sewer lines in the town and 4 pump stations and a meter station. There are 4 private sewer areas. In those areas there is 11 pump stations. All the private sewage goes into the town’s public sewers. The town has an agreement with Naugatuck for a 1,000,000{gpd} of sewage and an agreement with Seymour for 250,000 {gpd} of sewage.

The Authority relies on the line maintenance staff to maintain all paperwork necessary for the files and to more effectively serve the public through out the work week. He also conducts all inspections on any sewer work in the town and all the town pump stations maintenance. The Authority has a clerk who does paperwork for the Authority and has coverage for the line maintenance staff. The Authority also employs the services of Nafis & Young Engineers to review all the technical aspects of complex applications.

Board Members

Name Title
Fred D'Amico Chairman
Karl Borkowski Member
Robert Peck Member
Larry Ellis Vice-Chairman
Scott Halstead Maintenance
Robert Farnum Member