Oxford Senior Center Quilters

In a heart shaped label it states:

"Made with love especially for you by the Oxford Senior Center Quilters"

The quilting is done by a group of volunteers on every Wednesday morning as a program of the Oxford Senior Center. The program has had several volunteers who can only be there occasionally but the regular quilters are Rollende Brochu, Rosemarie Greco, Jan DeBarber, Margaret “Sam” Barate and Ellie Noll.

They have collected donated fabrics. The fabrics are prepared and cut. The quilters then sew them into a quilt top. Usually batting and the top are pinned together. They then tie the quilt every 4 or 5 inches. The quilt then gets the binding and label sewn on. Then it’s ready to be donated.

The quilters are always in need of cotton or cotton blend material. Material with patterns suitable for boys are especially hard to come by. Batting is always in demand. They can't seem to get enough batting. Volunteer Quilters are always welcome. This can also be your chance to learn the art of quilt making.

This past spring a batch of quilts was donated to the Valley United Way. Since then the quilters has made an additional 27 quilts. In addition to the Valley United Way, local needy families, nursing homes, shelters or any needy organization could receive the quilts. To find out more information on this and to donate your time, dollars or material please contact the Oxford Senior Center at (203) 888-2543 ext 3023.